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Be more than a listener
Be part of the story
Find new music that you like, share it, support it, help make it the next big thing, and get rewarded.
Be a Tastemaker
Tired of others dictating what you hear on the radio? Join to access original content no one has heard before. Like it, swipe up. Don't swipe down.
Be an Influencer
Share and promote music you like with your friends on social media platforms, and push it up the Pieejams Charts. It's easy, all it takes is just the swipe up.
Be part of history
When your talents become stars, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped make that happen. You helped discover the next big thing.
Be a Superfan
Do more for the Talents you love the most. Bring your professional skills to bear, design a T-Shirt, write a Press Release. We provide tools to do what you do best.
Get rewarded
Thanks is good, but you also get rewarded too. We help Talents monetize music that makes the Pieejams Charts. A slice of that revenue is just a way of your Talents saying thanks for believing.
Make friends for life
A family that works together stays together. Your Pieejams family are just like you, working on passions that you all care deeply about.
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